Porto Has Much More to Offer Than Just Wine

At a time when I found Portugal, to the south of Porto, to be very drab and lifeless, I wasn’t expecting much as we zipped north on the Alfa Pendular train from Albufeira to Porto. My dear wife insisted we stop in Porto (or rather Oporto), before departing for the Balkans. Up to that point, I had no real knowledge of the region except that it’s the home of port wine, which I love. That was all the motivation I needed.

Porto was buzzing when we arrived at the station. People were going about their business with plague masks on in tighter quarters, but still living like life was worth living instead of hiding from. It was nice. After our taxi ride to the hotel we were welcomed by the friendly and helpful staff, and shown to our spotless room (this level of cleanliness was something we enjoyed everywhere in Portugal). Though we were hours early, we didn’t have to wait even one extra minute to check in, which left plenty of time to explore. So we did.

First stop, brunch at Zenith Brunch & Cocktails. Absolutely Divine. Was my faith in Portuguese food restored?

zenith brunch porto
This might have been the best French Toast I have ever had.

As glorious as it was to be in the mecca of port wine, the city does have a few other characteristics of note. Many restaurants, shops, beautiful and interesting boats, an amazing number of gorgeous churches and cathedrals, and just the perfect arrangement of culture, style and class that profoundly appealed to me.

Though it’s very easy to get distracted in Porto, the ultimate goal for the day was to get to Cais da Ribeira, the very underrated riverfront of this lovely city, their own little Venice.

Strolling along the Cais da Ribeira, taking in the sights and smells, I could see many of the names I’d only read on expensive bottles back home: Fonseca, Sandeman, Ferreira, Taylor’s, and plenty more. I was like a kid across the street from a candy store, but instead of a street it was a deep, moving body of water named the “Douro“.

It was for the best. I was off the Port wine at the time anyway because of some over-drinking in Albufeira that resulted in what I was sure was more permanent brain damage than I already had. Oh well, like I need another reason to go back, but I have one if I get desperate.

“Port is not for the very young, the vain and the active. It is the comfort of age and the companion of the scholar and the philosopher.”

~ Evelyn Waugh

Every single block we walked (and we walked for many, many hours) was postcard-worthy. The architecture in Porto can be insufficiently showcased through words and pictures, which is precisely the approach we’re utilizing here, but if you have a chance to see the place in the flesh, do.

A few delights of beautiful Porto

A couple of informative but rather hectic taxi trips (due to insane traffic coupled with intense hills and narrow streets), plus brief visits to amazing places that perhaps the accompanying photos can do some justice to only added to the draw of this special town.

I have to wonder why it’s so downplayed (from what I’ve seen) as a place people should see?

Maybe it’s intentional.

Perhaps those that know and love Oporto don’t need hordes of gawking tourists shuffling along, filling up the width of entire sidewalks and crowding out the best restaurants all year long, stealing the magic of this truly enchanting place. In that case, I understand completely. But I’ve seen it now, and I know. And I want more.

If you are in Porto for less than a day, here are the must-sees:
  1. Igreja do Carmo
  2. Livraria Lello
  3. Igreja dos Clérigos
  4. Porto São Bento
  5. Rua das Flores
  6. Igreja da Misericórdia
  7. Palácio da Bolsa
  8. Cais da Ribeira
  9. Extensão do Douro
  10. Bairro da Ribeira
  11. Miradouro Ponte D Luis Porto
You can follow our exact walking route by clicking here.
If you are in Porto for longer than a day, click here to check out some amazing tours!
A few more lovely things around the city
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