Arrival: Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

This legend is originally from the region of Boca de Tomates, in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. It tells the story of Pancho Jimenez, a man who believed deeply in the anecdotes recounted by his acquaintances about a Gentile, a hybrid of human and fish that was over six feet tall.

His friends, Sabino Rhon and Tiburcio Leyva, told him that one morning, during their fishing routine off the beaches of Jarretaderas, they saw the gentile and tried to catch it with a cast of their net. It tried to fight back but Sabino sunk a machete into its chest, causing it to flee along with the net. Sabino’s children, Tico and Julian, also claimed to have seen from afar, but when they approached it, it hid beneath the waves of the sea, leaving giant duck-like footprints in the sand. Another story describes the experience of “Botillas” and “Chinto Cabrestero”, who one night set out some traps to catch crabs. What they got was a confrontation with the creature, who they managed to scare away with torches made of rags.

One day, Pancho Jimenez (nicknamed “Pacho Lies” because no one believed him), finally saw the gentile on the rocks in front of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. This strange being with green, scaly skin, was sitting on the rocks, basking in the sun…and had the machete in his chest, which Sabino had stabbed him with years ago.

Pancho returned home and decided to remain silent. His wife insisted that he tell her what had happened and he did. She, in turn, told his children, but continued to doubt his word. It is said that since that day, the gentile has made his fleeting appearances in Quimixto, Bucerías, Mismaloya and Punta de Mita.

Pancho decided to go and look for the gentile again but he never returned home. On the third day, they found his canoe in the middle of the bay and declared him dead.  They thought that, immersed in his madness, he had thrown himself into the sea. 15 days after his disappearance, Pancho was revealed in the dreams of his granddaughter Delgadina, saying, “I do not know where I have been, or whether I can return. I am fine, do not worry. I am happy. I enjoy scaring gentiles in a world of light and reflections where, like me, everything is glass

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