About Us

Welcome to Nomadic Urges; a blog about the adventures of a somewhat refined, definitely eccentric bohemian couple on a mission to find and create unique world experiences in comfort and style. We strive to provide authentic & entertaining stories, suggestions, opinions, and maybe even inspiration as we traverse our planet, as timeless travelers in search of exquisite culinary experiences; awe-inspiring architecture; art; ancient history, amazing people and culture.

I, William J. Archer, will be your blogger for the journey; the teller of tales; your dedicated scribe, and I shall be penning the collection of capers from this day forward. Quality of experience is paramount on this mission, so instead of multi-country tourist blitz’s in short time periods, our intent is, to commit to lengthier stays to get as genuine a taste of cultural authenticity as foreigners can have. Some short visits and glimpses of areas while in transit, if memorable, are included, but not the focus.

As seems to be the requisite dues for membership in the travel-bloggers club, our kids are grown, we’ve sold near everything once owned, but the few bits and bobs we can’t part with into a sea can, gave up careers and jobs (working in general really), and have committed to living as full-time vagabonds for the time being.

Between the two of us, our travels to date have seen us exploring much of Canada; the US (shout out to New Orleans; that grubby, seedy, amazing little gem is one of our favourite cities on earth); much of Latin America; and by the time you’re reading this, much of the rest of the world.

The world is a big place and there’s a lot to see, so we hope you’ll join us in flying, floating, and rolling across the globe on this epic voyage.